Select Football Camp

The SFC will give you the opportunity to be coached by coaches from the nation’s leading academic institutions from across the country including the NESCAC's, Johns Hopkins, MIT, University of Chicago and many more. Several former NFL players will also be coaching you for the entire three day camp.

The 2019 South Florida Camp will be held from May 31st - June 2rd at Nova Southeastern University in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

Click here for our Tampa Bay Times Article written by Bob Putnam

-  "The SFSFC was a great opportunity to work with some great coaches and former pro football players.  I enjoyed meeting the guys attending the camp - great athletes and students.  I was being recruited by over 25 schools and found the perfect college for me”

Matt Curivan, Jensen Beach HS, FL

- “Thanks to SFSFC I was able to meet several different colleges one of which is Colby College, and it just so happens that I'll be heading up north this fall to become a mule.”

Rio Schmidt, Mason High, Texas 


- “I thought last year's session was fantastic. I was planning on only going one day but I had to come back for the second because it was such a great opportunity. I have already recommended this camp to all of my high-academic underclassmen, so you will see some more Belen Wolverines this summer for sure. I am playing my college ball at Trinity College in Hartford, CN for the 2012 NESCAC champions, who I first met at the SFSFC camp. Thank you!”

Ryan Murphy, Belen FL

- "Attending SFSFC helped me in achieving my dream of playing college football and attending a highly selective school."

Randall Eaker, Lakeview  Ft. Ogelthorpe  High School Ga.

- "My son - Thomas Bennett - attended your camp last year and we met the head coach from RPI - he has been accepted there and playing football there in the fall!!  Thank you!"


Susan Bennett, St. Petersberg FL, St. Petersburg High School